Monterrico SunsetFine Art prints are priced on my eCommerce store, at Fine Art America, located under the Store tab on the upper toolbar. Prices vary according to the size and presentation format selected, and customers have many different options available when creating  their order.  I invite you to play around with the various tools when customizing your wall art.

Family and Environmental Portrait shoots are priced per hour.  My hourly rate is $35 USD per hour (see my pricing philosophy at the bottom of the page).  The typical photo shoot takes 8 to 10 hours, this consists of 2 to 3 hours of actual shooting time and 6 to 7 hours of post-editing and processing time. My customers can expect to pay, on average, between $280 to $350 USD for a day’s work, which includes both high-resolution and web-sized digital files. I don’t shoot weddings or Quinceañera celebrations.

Real Estate and Commercial shoots can be quoted separately depending on the circumstances, but generally follow the hourly pricing formula outlined above. My overall pricing philosophy is pretty simple and summed up below.

Note:  I require a minimum upfront deposit of $70 USD (non-refundable).  This fee will guarantee the session, and be applied to the total cost.  The balance is due upon delivery of both high-resolution and web-sized digital files.   

Pricing can be a sensitive subject for both the photographer and the customer. In this digital age everyone is a photographer whether they use a camera or a smart phone. But any discerning eye can immediately see the difference in image quality between an inexperienced photographer and a professional. You should get what you pay for. 

To engage the services of a professional you will have to pay the toll. What he typically brings to the session is his knowledge, experience, equipment and professionalism. How important will the photograph be to you? Will it help you sell a product or service, show your home to its best advantage or provide an everlasting memory of loved ones? Only you can be the judge of that.  

I’ve been snapping shutters for over sixty years. Since 2009 I have owned and operated my own photography business at Indochine Photography. View my professional credits here. I use pro-level Canon cameras, lenses and equipment. I bring an artistic eye and a strong business background to every session I accept. I am a professional for a reason.

Stephen F. Dennstedt